The Local Day Training program is perfect for dog owners who want the benefits of Stay & Train without sending their dog away for a long time. It’s a more affordable option allowing owners to pay as we go. This convenient program is exclusively available to those who live in the Greater Jamestown, New York Area.

For a minimum of six weeks, I will pick up your dog at home five days a week (Monday to Friday) to work with them privately. This gives me the opportunity to spend a good amount of time with your dog (30-90 minutes) for training, outings, and socialization. We can work on playing games, basic commands, going for walks, and just relax for a bit at home and in the local area. You can carry on with your daily routine. You’ll receive updates with videos to watch and follow at your leisure.

I highly encourage dog owners to join us for training sessions once a week. You’ll learn the fundamentals of playing games, basic commands (such as out, sit, down, come, heel), start loose leash walking, and gain insight into how your dog learns and progresses.

This program is best suited for owners whose dogs have basic behavior issues. Dogs with fear or aggression problems may require the Stay & Train program for the necessary intervention. On average, this program lasts 6-8 weeks, but additional weeks may be added if necessary.