The Stay & Train program is a great option for families who don’t have the time or ability to train their dog. It’s also ideal for dogs with behavioral issues like aggression, separation anxiety, and fear. During the program, your dog will stay in my home and become part of the pack. They will learn new habits and break bad ones.

My main focus during the program is to build your dog’s confidence and understanding of the world. But my initial goal is to gain your dog’s TRUST. Through play and proper communication, we will work on building a better relationship with your dog to help them through everyday struggles. I customize the program to meet your dog’s specific needs and go at their pace.

When working with a dog with behavioral issues, I don’t just focus on the “bad behavior” and try to stop it right away. I look at the dog’s genetics and history to understand why the behavior exists. Then I create a plan to control and guide the dog, working with their genetics instead of against them. I find a solution that feels natural to the dog and is self-reinforcing. This approach leads to lasting results! You’ll receive updates with videos to watch and follow at your leisure.

I highly encourage dog owners to join us for training sessions once a week. You’ll learn the fundamentals of playing games, basic commands (such as out, sit, down, come, heel), start loose leash walking, and gain insight into how your dog learns and progresses.

The length of stay varies for each dog. I don’t believe in forcing them to learn or training with strict deadlines. I train each dog individually and give them exactly what they need. On average, the stay is 4-6 weeks, but additional weeks may be added if necessary.